Divine Madness

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Divine Madness pdf epub download ebook Title: Divine Madness
Author: Paul Pines
Publisher: Marsh Hawk Press
ISBN: 0984635378
Pages: 71
Reads: 6779

Poetry. “In these beautifully crafted poems Paul Pines takes us on a dizzying ride through mythological and religious thinkers, through science and philosophy. It is the quest of a man trying to hear the ‘music / beneath the music’ that he hopes, doubts, believes is there—DIVINE MADNESS. Pines asks what it means to face death and despair, what it means to doubt meaning while believing in meaning, what it has meant through the centuries.”—Susan Sherman”With extraordinary daring and inspiration, Paul Pines has dedicated the art he has exquisitely crafted for a lifetime to the service of the divine madness that has always distinguished poetry from mere writing. In relentless pursuit of the unity we instinctively crave, he captures the universal analogy anew by ‘connecting us to the consciousness of the gods in men’ through dazzling poem after poem in this stunning book.”—George Economou

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