The Rift

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The Rift   pdf epub download ebook Title: The Rift
Author: Chris Howard
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 149916498X
Pages: 358
Reads: 8200

“There’s a brilliant madness to this deadly post-apocalyptic world, filled with complex characters, shifting loyalties, and layers of mystery… a nonstop adventure” – Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW of RootlessBanyan was once a tree builder, creating scrap-metal forests for rich clients in a barren burned-out world. Now he’s traded his scaffolds for lookouts, his tools for guns. On a stolen boat, surrounded by a mutinous crew, Banyan has escaped from Promise Island with the last living trees on earth, and he’s desperate to smuggle them to safety.But powerful enemies are in pursuit, seeking to claim the trees for themselves . . .To reach a safe haven, Banyan will need the help of the pirate girl he loves, Alpha, his broken friend, Crow, and his troubled sister, Zee. Only together can they cross the mysterious molten wasteland of the Rift. And when Banyan discovers a new threat to Alpha’s life, he fears he’ll lose not only the trees they sacrificed so much to find, but the girl who inspires him and gives him hope.Howard’s “gift for the phantasmagoric” (Kirkus) is on full display in this thrilling second book of the Rootless trilogy.

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