The Last Day

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The Last Day pdf epub download ebook Title: The Last Day
Author: Bill Yancey
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 149922639X
Pages: 384
Reads: 9306

Coming in July 2016: Abandoned: MIA in VietnamIn the waning days of the Cold War, the Soviet Union is losing its previously tight control over its minions, diverse peoples it has ruled with an iron fist for fifty years. Among them, the Muslims are restless, ready to strike back at the Godless Communists. It would be poetic justice to take down the Great Satan of American Capitalism at the same time, after years of insult and support of the Israelis. As the Evil Empire crumbles, its nuclear arsenal becomes vulnerable to attack. Both the Israelis and Muslims take advantage of the loss of discipline in order to hijack nuclear weapons. The thefts lead to the presence of an armed hydrogen bomb in a freighter controlled by Jihadists in Hampton Roads. A Soviet assassin is assigned to retrieve the weapon, while the Soviet military tries to capitalize on the loss. In the meantime, the American military, CIA, FBI, and local police try to make sense of the crash of a long range Soviet spy aircraft in United States territorial waters and multiple crimes committed by the warring agents.

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