Aprils Secret Storm

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Aprils Secret Storm pdf epub download ebook Title: Aprils Secret Storm
Author: Brenda Ashworth Barry
Publisher: Melange Books
ISBN: 1680462229
Pages: 272
Reads: 9610

Just went Beth Ann and Kaylob try to put the kidnapping behind them and believe things are calming down. Secrets that were long buried, come barreling at them like a storm. Everything Kaylob thought he knew about his world, turns out to be anything but. New love for Frankie could also be on the horizon and will be brought about through the secrets that were kept from Kaylob. The question is, will Frankie be ready to settle down and give up his playboy lifestyle? The saga continues with some heart break and happy news. But the big question is, can Kaylob enjoy the anything, or any wonderful news when his life has been turned upside down.

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