A Simple Stitch A Time To Mend

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A Simple Stitch A Time To Mend pdf epub download ebook Title: A Simple Stitch A Time To Mend
Author: Deb Obermeier
Publisher: Words Matter Publishing
ISBN: 194707220X
Pages: 354
Reads: 4306

Summer brings a new season in Spring Forrest. A Simple Stitch is open, and Eliza is anticipating new customers, returning visitors and the weekly Girls Knit Out group that gathers on Friday evenings. The school is out. The Café is as busy as usual. Aunt Mildred has settled comfortably in her Spring Forrest home. It has only been six short months since the gathering at Slipknot Farm celebrating the holidays, yet it feels like an eternity. Relationships were started, and others strengthened during this festive time. Now, life back to usual, the excitement has faded, and Eliza is feeling an unfamiliar emptiness.  Always considering herself the strength in the family, she isn’t hiding this restlessness as well as she thinks. Looking forward to her weekend at Slipknot Farm to nourish her soul, an accident takes her by surprise. As expected, she immediately steps up. Changes are necessary. Decisions are made without hesitation.  During this much needed Time to Mend unforeseen events unfold taking relationships to new heights. While some have tough decisions to make, others can easily see the answers. You are invited back to A Simple Stitch to watch this quaint shop evolve. Slipknot in the summer is certainly the place to be for working in the garden, cooking and finding rest while sitting on the swing and watching the sun go down.  So, as with every season there comes change, although not always easy, it can be a true blessing in disguise.

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