Every Last Breath

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Every Last Breath pdf epub download ebook Title: Every Last Breath
Author: Jessica Gaffney
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1975869079
Pages: 200
Reads: 4453

Outside the Colorado natural forest a trail of memories haunt Maggie Bourke, a young mom and domestic violence survivor who hopes to settle into the small town and forget her treacherous past. Guided by a German Shepherd support dog named Vala, Maggie and her son are given a chance to return to a normal life until a blizzard sweeps across the mountains causing Maggie’s PTSD to put her on edge. When her present reality mixes the past Maggie must fight hard to stay in reality and not push away the few friends she’s met, including a rugged carpenter named Ben. Moving on after Domestic Violence is difficult. This story aims to educate and assist readers in identifying the symptoms and help them understand someone living with PTSD.

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