Beyond Reach

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Beyond Reach pdf epub download ebook Title: Beyond Reach
Author: Sandra Field
Publisher: Harlequin Treasury-Harlequin Presents 90s
Pages: 188
Reads: 8358

Significant OthersBlondes were usually more fun….But Troy Donovan was proving to be the exception to the rule! He was tough, uncompromising and off-limits. He had no intention of letting anyone get close to him again. And that included Lucy—especially Lucy. He’d made it clear that whatever her relaxed interpretation of her new job was, it didn’t include bedroom duties.Lucy Barnes was a brunette…and as far as she was concerned she could make her own rules. She may have traveled to the Caribbean on a whim but impulsiveness was only one of Lucy’s weaknesses. The other was for tall blond men—and Troy was one of the sexiest she had ever met! He’d told her he didn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure…and that was fine with Lucy. Why let business get in the way of anything?From the author of WILDFIRE:”Pure pleasure…”—Romantic Times

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