A Disturbed Girls Redemption

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A Disturbed Girls Redemption pdf epub download ebook Title: A Disturbed Girls Redemption
Author: James Howell
Publisher: Amygdala Press
Pages: 297
Reads: 1477

Hannah Harker has been broken in every way imaginable and her daughter is being held hostage by deranged eugenicist Sir Virgil Rothwell.Fleeing from a Swiss hospital and supported by reluctant allies, she is forced into a relentlessly bloody cat-and-mouse chase across Europe.While she runs, Rothwell’s warped dream to create a master race is becoming a reality. Madness and death have gripped India, and a global pandemic is just weeks away.Hannah’s inner demons prove just as fierce as the killers chasing her. She gradually realises that the only route to redemption will be to stop Rothwell and rescue her child. Summoning the last of her strength, the hunted becomes the hunter.In a final, barbaric showdown, Hannah is put through an unspeakable nightmare that pushes her far beyond the limits of physical, mental and emotional endurance. Even if she survives, will there be anything left to identify her as human?“The search for love, sanity and salvation becomes a sickening marathon of depravity.”

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