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Fallen  pdf epub download ebook Title: Fallen
Author: Christine Pope
Publisher: Dark Valentine Press
Pages: 400
Reads: 927

Would you sacrifice it all for the man you love?When a group of rogue djinn attacks Taos, Jessica Monroe has no choice but to activate the device that was created to rid the elementals of their supernatural powers, even though the machine’s very existence threatens to ruin the lives of her lover and friends.  It’s up to Jessica to launch a desperate mission to retrieve the one person who can help: Miles Odekirk, the mastermind who created the device.The threat of retaliation by the Los Alamos survivors is not the only danger Jessica must face. Enemies lurk around every corner, and when an ancient rival returns to carry out his own revenge, Jessica may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the man she loves, as well as the entire Taos community, human and djinn alike.

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