Office Romance Temptation By Chance

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Office Romance Temptation By Chance   pdf epub download ebook Title: Office Romance Temptation By Chance
Author: Anais Inn
Pages: 34
Reads: 2984

There are people in the world whose life paths would never allow them to meet. It could be as a result of their social status, geography, education, or employment that makes connection virtually impossible. When fate gets involved, everything changes.Temptation By Chance is a story of two people who are compelled to live out their dreams from the most unexpected genesis. It began with a chance meeting under less than romantic circumstances, yet the reader will see how sometimes all true love requires is a simple spark to ignite its fire. Temptation By Chance is a story that reveals the hearts, the minds of two people and how love once meant nothing to them yet eventually influence every aspect of their lives. Temptation By Chance also reveals something about ourselves and provides hope where there may be nothing but emptiness.This is the story of Dylan, a dedicated fireman who has never desired a relationship but from the first time he saw her, his rough exterior began to melt away and the ghosts from the past begin to find rest. It is also the story of Madeline, an accomplished Chief Financial Officer for a Fortune 500 company. Being the youngest executive in the history of the company required a commitment to work that never really allowed for a meaningful relationship until she felt the touch of Dylan’s skin on hers.Temptation By Chance is a must-read for the true romantic and will tug at the heart strings, playing a symphony of hope and desire. The book will place the reader on the brink of the valley of tears, and then ever so gently lift the heart to new heights.WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

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