Once Bitten Twice Claimed

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Once Bitten Twice Claimed  pdf epub download ebook Title: Once Bitten Twice Claimed
Author: Lilith T. Bell
Publisher: Selkie Publishing
Pages: 155
Reads: 1343

Getting over your first love can be difficult for anyone, but it’s especially hard for werewolves. Sofia Leones was claimed as his eternal mate by Hunter Quezada when they were still teenagers. Yet after he was accused of hunting and eating humans, he left without a word in his own defense and she never saw him again. At least not until bodies begin piling up and then suddenly there Hunter is again, only this time he says he’s innocent.A powerful alpha in his own right now, Hunter has no intention of letting Sofia go a second time. Especially not with new wolves challenging his territory in San Francisco, murdering humans indiscriminately and putting the entire paranormal community in danger. This is his city and this is his mate. He’ll take back and keep both, or die trying.The Pacific Northwest has a long history of hosting a diverse human population. Things get a little bit wilder than human alone, though. Witches, werewolves, and even demons have claimed the territory for their own. Yet amidst power struggles and supernatural threats, the primal need for a mate still reigns supreme. In the Claimed by an Alpha series, dominant men turn unsuspecting women’s lives upside down and they could never be happier.

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